Hey my name is John Bross I play guitar for The Color Morale and I have always spent the little time I have had away from music in Advertising/Marketing/Design work for various businesses I also was creating shirt designs for bands on the side. I decided to make a clothing company because I always wanted make clothes that I would want to wear. The name Once Apparel started because of this "Once" in a lifetime opportunity that I've been blessed with; playing music and traveling the country for months out of the year. From the time I was a little kid I have always wanted travel the country, play music and meet great people. This company is for those of us who have been given a "ONCE IN A LIFE TIME" opportunity and have taken advantage of it. This company is also for those of us who have spent their time longing for something more out of this life, for dreamers everywhere that pour their heart and soul into what they do and will never take, "No" for an answer! My hope for those of you who have the same dream I had growing up is to wear these clothes in hope that you will someday get what you want. For those of you who have already accomplished your goals in this life wear these clothes and cherish what you've been given and never take it for granted!

Thank you all so much for the support! Continue to support this cause and spread the word!

- John Bross



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